About Us

Jungle KK designs, develops, publishes and distributes a wide range of software applications for Microsoft Windows and Mac operating systems.

The company was founded in January 2000 and has offices in Tokyo, Japan and Silicon Valley, United States.

With development of its own intellectual property and strategic partnerships for the publication of third-party software programs, Jungle has become the most trusted and sought-after software publisher in Japan.


The Jungle team consists of:

  • Product Team (knowledgeable experts for each product category)
  • Marketing Team (both analytic and creative experts)
  • Sales Team (Retail, corporate and channel sales veterans)
  • Production & Operations Team (detail-oriented fulfillment experts)
  • QA and Customer Support Team (laser focus on customer satisfaction)

The Jungle team has over 20years experience successfully delivering cutting-edge software to millions of customers.

Sales Channel

Retail: Jungle sells its PC package software products through a network of more than 3,000 retail stores in Japan as well as major e-tailors.

Direct: Jungle has a thriving e-commerce business with over 1 million active customers, and sells its software products both as electronic downloads and as physical goods via its online store: https://store.junglejapan.com

SIs, Distributors and OEMs: Jungle offers volume licenses to corporate, public sector and academic entities, and works closely with Systems Integrators to deliver the best solutions. Jungle offers original equipmment manufacturer products to hardware manufacturers to enhance the value of their product offerings.

Jungle Thrives By

  • Focusing on customer satisfaction
  • Being creative
  • Offering highest quality products and services
  • Maintaining efficient and dependable fulfillment operations
  • Upholding high standards of ethics and professional conduct
  • Long established goal-oriented team


Jungle Head Office

2-8-5 Nishikanda Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0065, JAPAN

Contact us   https://www.junglejapan.com/en/contactus/