DiskDeleter series for HDD / SSD data erasing software

Secure Data Wipe for Enterprise
with Tamper Proof Deletion Certificates

DiskDeleter wipes all the information stored on a variety of storage
devices: PC, Server, SSD, HD, Tablet, RAID, UBS, etc.

Why DiskDeleter?


Removes data

from disk in

unrecoverable form.


Tens of thousands of companies and public institutions have chosen DiskDeleter because:

  1. DiskDeleter wipes all the information stored on all the devices including HDD, SSD, USB, etc.
  2. DiskDeleter operates at high speed.
  3. DiskDeleter is stored in a USB memory, which you can insert to all the memory devices one after another, thereby wipe operations can continue efficiently in parallel.
  4. DiskDeleter license is unlimited, with which you sanitize unlimited number of devices in your office location.

When disposing, returning leases, moving within an organization, or refurbishing PCs and servers, it is critically important to wipe all the information stored on those devices in such a way that the data cannot be recovered. DiskDeleter is the answer to achieve it in the most efficient way.

Buy One DiskDeleter USB and you can use it indefinitely

No more license counting No need to kepp track of useage You can wipe all the devices in your single office location.

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DiskDeleter provides 16 types of the most critical data erasing methods

You can select the best method depending on the types of data, management requirements, device, etc.

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DiskDeleter detailed log evidences successful deletion

DiskDeleter generates a detailed tamper-proof log for every deletion operation.The log records are widely recognized as evidence of full deta deletion for management and audit purposes.

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DiskDeleter Product lineup

The functionality of UX and TX are essentially same, but target memory devices are different. Each model works only with certain devices.

   If you use DiskDeleter for providing processing services to third parties, you need to purchase "Commercial license".

DiskDeleter UX $780
Per unit

UX Product Features

  • UEFI dedicated machine (64bit version) including BIOS / Surface, iMac · Macbook etc. and BIOS / UEFI compatible machine compatible
  • Number of deletions, number of times, no time limit
  • Secure boot support
  • Hex information display function of disc
  • HPA / DCO display
  • 16 disc deletion methods installed
  • Secure Erase / Enhanced Secure Erase support
  • NIST 800-88 compliant (for deletion of SSD)
  • RAID compatible
  • Multi thread deletion support
  • Surplus sector deletion support
  • Save delete log to bootable area on HDD ※
  • Delete log output function (csv / html file format)
  • Bad sector report output
  • SMART report output
  • Save report to drive on network
  • Supports deletion of external disks and external media
  • Multiple parallel deletion work
  • ISO data creation function for CD boot
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DiskDeleter KIT $1380
Per unit

KIT Product Features

  • UX, TX, dedicated cable set model
  • Number of deletions, number of times, no time limit
  • The basic functions are the same as the left
  • Almost all internal disks can be deleted
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