DiskDeleter detailed log confirms successful deletion

DiskDeleter generates a detailed tamper-proof log for every deletion operation.  The log records are widely recognized as evidence of full data deletion for management and audit purposes.

Data deletion certificate (delete log output)

When you delete data from hard disk, SDD, etc., it is critical to ensure the deletion is complete so that no data will leak from those drives.
Corporate management will require a proof of data deletion, and so do auditors to ensure compliance. Contractors who provide deletion services certainly need evidence to prove their deletion services.

DiskDeleter automatically generates detailed deletion log for each operation and issues a tamper proof deletion certificate.
DiskDeleter log includes date & time, PC identity, software used for deletion, deletion method, etc., and “bad sector report” and #SMART report” function, as shown in detail below.
DiskDeleter Tamper Proof Certificate has been accepted as a proof of deletion in the industry, by auditors and corporate management for many years.

Data deletion log output item list

【Software Information】

    1. Software name to be used when deleting/li>
    2. Product version

【Personal computer information】

    1. Personal computer manufacturer
    2. Personal computer model number
    3. computer name
    4. memory
    5. BIOS manufacturer
    6. BIOS version
    7. Processor manufacturer
    8. Processor
    9. Processor speed (MHz)
    10. MAC address
    11. Network adapter name
    12. Network adapter

【Disk Information】

    1. HDD model number
    2. HDD serial number
    3. HDD bus type
    4. Number of total HDD sectors
    5. HDD size

【Deletion work information】

    1. Deletion start date and time
    2. Deletion end date and time
    3. Time required
    4. Deletion method
    5. Number of sectors with HDD deleted
    6. Write error count
    7. Deletion result
    8. worker’s name
    9. Remarks
    10. Deleted snapshot

Data deletion certificate (deletion log report) Sample data

DiskDeleter UX / TX saves the following deletion certificate (deletion log) in csv file and html file format.This is a sample of deletion certificates which evidences deletion operations performed by a service provider and the service provider submits it to the customer.

    • * The name of the deleted log file, disk name, serial number, and deletion completion date and time of the target deleted automatically change as shown in “HGST_HUS726040ALE610_ (S_N_K4H5LWNB) 2017-06-21-21-04-21_D1.csv (html)”.

【Csv sample data】

【html sample data】

Centrally manage deletion certificates on the network

DiskDeleter supports network drives and therefore you can save deletion log reports on a shared server like a file server, in addition to a built-in hard disk or external HDD.