UX Product Features

Operable Machine Types

Storage Devices DiskDeleter UX
Surface Pro Series
Windows tablet (x64)
Windows tablet (x86)
UEFI dedicated machine (x64)
UEFI dedicated machine (x86)
BIOS / UEFI compatible machine (x64)
BIOS / UEFI compatible machine (x86)
BIOS dedicated machine (x64)
BIOS dedicated machine (x86)

DiskDeleter Functions

  DiskDeleter UX
Unlimited license
Secure Boot
Hex information display function of disc
Hidden Disk Area detection (= Host Protected Area / Device Configuration Overlay)
Disc deletion method Select from 16 types of deletion methods
 Select the disk to be deleted
Secure Erase / Enhanced Secure Erase support
NIST 800-88 compliant (for deletion of SSD)
RAID compatible
Multi thread deletion support Up to 16 units
Surplus sector deletion support
Save log to bootable area on HDD
Delete log output function
Bad sector report output
SMART report output
Save report to network drive
Removable media deletion support
Concurrent deletion of multiple PCs
ISO data creation for CD boot