DiskDeleter Functions

1. Unlimited licenses without license management

Managing software licenses can be a daunting task for information system managers. You always have to know who used which license. If you do not have enough licenses, you will need to purchase additional ones. In addition, the purchase requires in-house approval, which takes time and effort. If you purchase one DiskDeleter, you can use it with an unlimited number of licenses only for use at the same base (business establishment on the same corporation and geographically the same site). There are no additional costs.

2.Processing of multiple units

Since all DiskDeleter is loaded into the system memory, you can remove the DiskDeleter main unit and use it on another computer after starting DiskDeleter. You can erase one computer at the same time without waiting for the completion of the erasing work. A significant reduction in time can be expected when erasing data from multiple devices.
When removing the USB memory and erasing multiple devices, it is necessary to set automatic report saving to off and manually save the erasing report after erasing is completed.

3. Data can be erased more easily and speedily with a single screen operation

In response to the customer's request to "reduce the number of clicks to the utmost and erase more models", we have made it possible to complete the data erasure setting on one screen.
After starting the main screen, simply select the disk to be erased and the erasing method, and click the "Start erasing" button. You can easily erase the target disc by operating the mouse and keyboard.

4. Built-in multi-thread method,erase connected disks in parallel

If the disk is recognized by DiskDeleter, it is possible to erase multiple disks in parallel at high speed by the multi-thread method.

5. Dramatically improve work efficiency by setting options

The optional selection item is equipped with a function to improve work efficiency. It is possible to interrupt "only the target disk with an error" when a simple scan / write error is detected before erasing. Since it is difficult to reuse a disk that causes a write error, it can be judged as physical destruction at an early stage. You can reduce unnecessary work and improve work efficiency.In addition, you can prevent forgetting to save the erase log by using the automatic save of the erase log file.

Commercial license" for PC reuse sales companies

6. "Commercial License" for PC reuse sales companies

A "commercial license" is a license that is applied when you use DiskDeleter to perform an erasure service and incur costs in the name of "erasure work costs".
A commercial license is required in the following cases.

  • When erasing an external (third party) computer / server
  • Companies that rent and lease PCs
  • Companies that purchase and sell used PCs and HDDs

DiskDeleter Commercial License
Two USB memory sticks (one each for DiskDeleter UX / TX) are included, and you can use it with unlimited licenses during the expiration date.
The program has a one-year expiration date.