Buy One DiskDeleter USB and you can use it indefinitely

No more license counting. No need to keep track of usage. You can wipe all the devices in your single office location.

DiskDeleter unlimited version series can be used without license management

License management of data deletion software is troublesome work for the information system department. You must always manage who used the license, and if you do not have enough licenses you must purchase additional licenses. Also, if you purchase it, you will need internal approval, wihch will take time and effort. With the DiskDeleter unlimited license, such license management is no longer necessary and you can sanitize any number of devices.

Unlimited when deleting external media such as USB memory

Data deletion licenses are typically offered for per-use; Everytime you wipe a device, it uses one license, even if it is an external small media, like a USB. Considering the remaining number of licenses and cost of one license, people tend to postpone the data wipe of small devices such as “USB memory” or “SD card”, even though information leakage often happens from those small media.

License management is unnecessary if it is used within the same site

If you are using the same corporate and the same geographically located business establishment, you can use it unlimited number of times.

When a company deployed nationwide replaces PCs, it may be possible to drastically reduce deletion cost by consolidating the PCs to be deleted into one location.