TOKYO, Japan,Dec. XX, 2019 – Software disrupter Jungle ( recently announced its launch into the U.S. industry with its proprietary signature software, DiskDeleter, and will soon begin to roll out a series of DiskDeleter products for widespread distributionglobally. DiskDeleter is an application that is installed on a USB memory stick that will completely, reliably and permanently wipe various drives clean after installation. Jungle has long been recognized as a trusted software publisher for providing a broad range of tech solutions to corporations, the public sector and individual consumers.

DiskDeleter Features

The DiskDeleter series is a USB-memory-stick-delivered deletion device that wipes hard drives clean, leaving the devices ready for new operating system installations and future data loads. Rather than simple deletion technologies though, which can be bypassed and restored, DiskDeleter uses 16 different data-erasing methods that utilize a full-proof overwriting protocol.

DiskDeleter has already been used by tens of thousands of companies, public institutions and governments worldwide to safelydelete data in SSDs and HDDs at high speed. The software is useful for privacy applications, disposing of personal computers and servers, returning leases, and safely moving PCs within an organization. DiskDeleter completely deletes confidential information to prevent unauthorized or unintentional leakage.

  • Erases All Latest HDD and SSD Equipment: Acknowledged experts of data-deletion software technology, Jungle has cultivated and expanded its technology over the years, using the latest innovations in both hardware and software designs. DiskDeleter will work on any drive, no matter how large or elaborate the system. It is Surface and iMac/Macbook compatible, and supports 4K native, M.2 Standards.
  • Detailed Tamper-proof Deletion Reports: DiskDeleter is complete with a delete-log output function to serve management requirements and System Administrator needs. Among other details, the report offers software information; personal computer information; file-names deleted, start times and end dates; and other important data. These logs are secured and encrypted using AES-256 standardso they are tamper-proof but can be accessed by authorized personnel at any time.
  • Unlimited License: DiskDeleter now offers end usersan unlimited-version license that allows use of its data-deletion software in multiple applications, across multiple devices and USB sticks in a single office location, without the need for purchasing additional licenses for each use and eliminating the need for customers to keep track of their number of uses.


DiskDeleter is available in multiple packages, which include:

  • DiskDeleter UX: UEFI dedicated machine (64-bit version), including BIOS/Surface, iMac-Macbook, etc. and BIOS/UEFI compatible machines.
  • DiskDeleter TX: Windows tablet (32-bit version) and BIOS-dedicated machines, BIOS/UEFI compatible machines.
  • DiskDeleter KIT: UX, TX, dedicated cable set models.

DiskDeleter offers a free evaluation of their software for those interested. Learn more HERE.

About Jungle

Tokyo-based Jungle was founded in 2000 and has offices in Silicon Valley. The manufacturer of the DiskDeleter, Jungle designs, develops, publishes and distributes a wide range of software applications for Microsoft Windows and Mac-operating systems. Having developed strong partnerships and a solid catalog of its own intellectual property over the years, Jungle has rapidly become the most sought-after and trusted software publisher in Japan. Learn more:

Contact U.S. Customer service at or (949)756-2028.

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