DiskDeleter UX, TX, Kit are for internal use only.
If you perform disk wipe / sanitization services on devices owned a third party for a fee
If you are leasing PCs, servers, etc.
If you trade those used devices
You need to purchase DiskDeleter Commercial License.
DiskDeleter Commercial License includes DiskDeleter UX and TX for an annual subscription price of $4,000 (pre-tax). The number of devices you can wipe is unlimited during the subscription period.

You need to return the USB memory to us and we will ship a replacement for fee. The cost of the replacement varies depending on the timing of the damage.

 1.   If damaged USB was delivered, we will provide a replacement USB free of charge, including shipping costs.
 2.   If USB was damaged withing a month of the delivery (= guarantee period), you need to return the USB at your shipping expense and we will ship a replacement USB free of charge.
 3.   If USB was damaged after the initial month of the deliver but within the initial 12 months, you need to return the USB to us and pay two-way shipping costs (to and from us). We will ship a replacement USB free of charge.
 4.   If USB was damaged after 1 year from the initial delivery, you need to return the USB to us, and pay two-way shipping costs (to and from us) plus $200 for the replacement USB. We will ship a replacement USB.

Please contact us for more detail.

Confidential information stored in a PC or storage devices shall be deleted inhouse so as to prevent data leak.
We strongly recommend "complete data deletion" inhouse so that confidential data do not get out of an organization.
When leased devices are returned or deletion operations are outsourced, data leak can occur and have indeed occurred. Inhouse complete data deletion prevents such data leak risks.
With DiskDeleter, anyone can perform complete data deletion without training or prior knowledge.

Data stored on a HDD can be recovered using data recovery software.
In order to make data unrecoverable, you need to either physically destroy a HDD or completely delete data using specialized data deletion software.

Physical destruction of a HDD requires specialized equipment, which makes it very hard to do data deletion inhouse. Deletion software on the other hand allows inhouse deletion without special knowhow or skills.

After deletion, you can confirm all the disk sectors are overwritten with certain letters or numbers: For example, if Zero Write was selected, all the disk sectors show 0, if Secure Erase, FF, etc. If Random Value is selected, you will see meaningless random figures and letters.
For experimental purposes, if you try data recovery using data recovery software, you will be able to confirm that the data are not recoverable.

Yes, DiskDeleter can erase data stored on hard disks in RAID configuration.

A general-purpose driver is installed in DiskDeleter, but depending on a server, the hard disk may not be recognized by a general-purpose driver. In that case, you may need to install a new driver in DiskDeleter so that the server can be correctly recognized and wiped by DiskDeleter.

If your primary use of DiskDeleter is to wipe data on servers, we recommend you request a DiskDeleter evaluation unit so that you can try it out prior to purchase.

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